Place to Stay, a Finnish scifi short film about the first encounter between two humankinds, had its world premiere in the Filmini film festival (Bulgaria) on 15th October 2010. Now it's available right here on the front page.

But we wanted to give the movie a life on the big screens before unleashing it online. And it was worth it! Place to Stay has screened at great festivals around the world such as Science+Fiction (Italy), Reel Shorts (Canada) and Northern Wave (Iceland). Sleepwalkers awarded it as "the best scifi film of the festival" and at Blue Sea it won the open category.

On this website you can find out how we made the movie - and how you can get involved. There's also a filmmakers page, and an extensive media page with still images and more background information.

"Good old scifi tension"
"Hyvää perinteistä scifi-jännitettä"

- FVL / jury

"A rounded, funny and true to life story"
"Eheä, hauska ja elämänmakuinen tarina"

- Blue Sea Film Festival / jury


5.10.2013 Fanfest, Finland
7.7.2013 Finncon, Finland
8.3. & 9.3.2013 Tampere Film Festival, Finland
at Science Visions 2 screening
5.5.2012 H2T Festival, Finland
29.3.2012 Pinnan alta -klubi, Finland
2.12.2011 Lammin kulttuuriviikko, Finland
24.9.2011 Minun elokuvani, Finland
10.9. & 11.9.2011 Reikäreuna, Finland
23.8.2011 Union Internationale du Cinéma UNICA, Luxembourg
Pronze medal
19.8.2011 Blue Sea Film Festival, Finland
Winner of open category
18.6.2011 Nordic Youth Film Competition - NUFF, Norway
24.5.2011 2ANNAS, Latvia
13.5.2011 Ylioppilasteatterin XVII Lyhytteatterifestivaalit, Finland
7.5.2011 Reel Shorts, Canada
16.4.2011 Filmi- ja videokuvaajien liiton SM-festivaali, Finland
Winner of youth program
Best film of the festival
5.3.2011 Northern Wave, Iceland
23.11.2010 Sleepwalkers, Estonia
Student Shorts Competition
Special mention: Best Scifi movie
22.11.2010 Golden Knight Malta, Malta
Nominated for Golden Knight
12.11.2010 Science+Fiction, Italy
15.10.2010 Filmini, Bulgaria

In the making

Place to Stay was inspired by the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image from 2004 and a scientific theory of life arriving on earth as microbes on comets - which hints that a similar evolution could have taken place elsewhere in the universe. What if there were other human beings out there? What if they found us? Would it be an event of glorious fanfares or great hostility? Would we even notice? This curiosity sparked together with the idea, that most UFO videos online seem like hoaxes - but perhaps one amongst them is not.

In October 2009, more than 25 volunteers worked through a 3-day shoot in the quiet countryside of Lammi, Finland. The same two bedroom cottage, that featured in the movie, doubled as accommodation for the team consisting of film students, professionals and hobbyists. Afterwards, a group of 12 people worked on the post-production as a part-time project over 5 different cities in both Finland and the UK. The production owes much gratitude to Skype and whoever invented the Internet.

With no outside pressure by an investor or a school organisation, we could go for exactly the kind of movie we wanted to. Place to Stay was shot on the RED ONE camera, and mastered in 2K with a 5.1 surround mix. It could not have been done without the generous help of many individuals and organisations.

Get involved

Now you have seen the movie. Many haven't. Let them know it's right here!

And if you feel Place to Stay deserves it, please share this homepage with any blogs/websites, that you believe might be interested. It's a battle to get a movie seen without a marketing budget, so any help is greatly appreciated - and for us, a blog with an audience is like a one-time cinema showing.

Finally, we would love to hear your thoughts on Place to Stay. Comment on our Facebook page, through Twitter or in Youtube. If it's too personal, in a good or bad way, you can contact us by email.

Interested in what else we have done after Place to Stay? Click some links on the filmmakers page to find out.


The filmmakers funded Place to Stay from their own savings. If you liked the movie, you can choose to pay 1€, 5€, 50€ or any other sum to help us cover the cost of making the movie. This way you also support new productions by Lentävä Lehmä Films.

Receiver’s name: Lentava Lehma Films
IBAN account number: FI46 4055 0010 4017 15
Message: Place to Stay support

Elokuvantekijät ovat rahoittaneet Place to Stayn pitkälti omasta pussistaan. Mikäli pidit elokuvasta, voit maksaa 1 €, 5 €, 50 € tai minkä tahansa muun summan. Näin autat kattamaan elokuvanteon kuluja ja samalla tuet Lentävä Lehmä Filmsin tulevia elokuvaprojekteja.

Kiitos! Thank you!